Introduction To Biodegradable Lunch Boxes

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Update time : 2023-10-04 15:31:13

What is a biodegradable lunch box?

Biodegradable lunch box is a lunch box that can be degraded by microorganisms (bacteria, mold, algae) in the natural environment under the action of enzymes, biochemical reactions, causing changes in the appearance of mold to the internal quality, and finally the formation of carbon dioxide and water. The whole degradation process can be decomposed into harmless substances without artificial participation, which is a very long process. Biodegradable lunch boxes finished waste in addition to GB18006.3-2020 “general technical requirements of disposable biodegradable catering utensils” degradation performance, should also have recycling value, easy to reuse, or easy to sanitary landfill and high-temperature composting treatment.

Second, what are the main components of biodegradable disposable lunch boxes?

Biodegradable lunch boxes are made of two kinds of materials: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., which can be degraded, also called environmentally friendly products; the other is made of plastic as the main component, adding starch, photosensitizers and other substances.

1、Biodegradable natural material lunch box

Disposable biodegradable lunch boxes made of natural materials are also known as biodegradable lunch boxes. Biodegradable lunch box is a relatively advanced environmental protection product. It is made of starch as the main raw material, adding the annual growth period plant fiber powder and special additives, and processed by chemical and physical methods to make biodegradable fast food boxes. Since starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it decomposes into glucose and finally water and carbon dioxide under the action of microorganisms. In addition, the material with which it is co-blended is also a fully degradable material, so it can be said that it has no impact on the environment. The main source of starch, the raw material for production, can be annual growth period plants such as corn, potato, sweet potato and cassava. Naturally, biodegradable lunch boxes are not perfect, for example, most of the production raw materials are food crops, and there are problems such as mold prevention still to be solved.

2、Biodegradable plastic lunch box

The manufacturing raw material of such disposable lunch boxes is biodegradable plastic, the so-called biodegradable plastic is to add a certain amount of additives, such as photosensitizers, starch and other raw materials in the production process of plastic. In this way, biodegradable plastic products can be decomposed into pieces from their full shape after being used and discarded in nature for three months of exposure, thus improving the environment, at least visually. However, the biggest drawback of this technology is that these fragments cannot continue to degrade, but merely turn from large pieces into small pieces of plastic, which cannot fundamentally perform the task of eliminating white pollution.

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